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We often talk to manufacturers who want to sell their products online to retailers or end-users, but are reluctant to use eCommerce because they don’t want to bypass their existing distribution channel arrangements. These manufacturers face a conundrum. On one hand, if they sell direct there’s the potential to increase margin – and on the […]

So you’ve made the decision to create an eCommerce channel for your b2b business, you know which customers you’re aiming the service at, what the website will need to do, and the technology you’ll have to put in place. But what about your people? How will you prepare different teams across your business for change, […]

Digitalisation is rapidly changing the face of consumer retailing. It’s a transformation that’s also taking place across the business-to-business sector, as the customer experience expectations of a new kind of buyer and a smarter way of doing business continue to shape the online trading landscape for manufacturers and distributors. This new breed of buyer includes […]


What do the best performing B2B eCommerce websites have in common? Here are some of the key factors that can give you a competitive edge.   Go for great design Buyers need to be able to find exactly what they’re after as soon as they enter your site. So navigation should be smart, intuitive and […]

Today’s B2B eCommerce buyers expect a customer experience that matches the top b2c sites they visit for their personal shopping. With Forrester research saying that more than 70% of midmarket sellers now earn at least 25% of their revenue from online channels, these sellers must optimise their digital operations and sales platforms if they are […]

Download the first three chapters of B2B eCommerce Masterplan below:   First 3 chapters B2B eCommerce MasterPlan by Chloë Thomas First 3 chapters B2B eCommerce MasterPlan by Chloë Thomas   If you are considering a B2B eCommerce website for your business, and would like a paperback copy, please email us here to receive it: acox@aspidistra.com  […]

Whether you’ve recently launched a new B2B eCommerce initiative or you’re looking to improve the performance of an existing online store, you’ll no doubt want to measure progress towards your goals against a series of KPIs. On of the most important metrics to consider is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), or the value a customer brings […]

So you’ve made the decision to create a B2B eCommerce channel, your site’s been designed and built, and you’re planning to launch. How do you now secure the engagement of your existing customers and how do you attract new online buyers? Firstly, with B2B eCommerce, it’s important to recognise that the sales and marketing functions […]

Today’s B2B buyers have high standards when it comes to customer service, and they expect sellers to provide them with a purchasing experience that’s fine-tuned to their personal preferences. In our experience however, companies still face many challenges in delivering a consistently high quality of service across multiple sales channels. Frequently we see how sellers […]

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