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B2B eCommerce Masterplan book It may surprise you to know that until recently there were no books available on B2B eCommerce!  So, last year we sponsored a book from the well-known eCommerce author, blogger and consultant, Chloë Thomas. B2B eCommerce Masterplan was published in October 2017 and is now available from Amazon and selected book […]

Where’s B2B eCommerce heading in 2018? Before we take a look at some predictions, let’s take stock of where the industry is now, assess how the top performers are doing and uncover any current trends. Firstly, B2B eCommerce is within reach of more SMEs than ever before. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of Amazon […]

  By the end of 2017, more than half of b2b buyers are forecast to be making over 50% of their purchases online. So it’s no surprise to see the rapid emergence of Alibaba and Amazon in the business-to-business eCommerce space – and it’s no wonder that b2b sellers around the globe are investing in […]

When b2b customers buy online, they tend to adopt a different approach to b2c customers. There’s little emotion in their purchasing decisions, they are logical, practical and based around choosing a supplier they can trust – a supplier that ticks the most boxes in relation to product and cost, offers the most flexibility, and delivers […]

According to Forbes, global online sales in the business-to-business eCommerce market are forecast to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020. This is underpinned by a fast-changing landscape, and the heightened customer expectations that are driving digital transformation. It’s also backed by another recent survey that says 76% of retail executives across Europe and the US have […]

Aspidistra Software is proud and delighted, to announce that their client, Industrial Ancillaries has won the B2B ecommerce Website of the Year award 2017. Judges said: “Industrial Ancillaries have a website which is relevant and user friendly for B2B. This website (created by Aspidistra Software)  is very well executed and shows off the integrated work, […]

According to a report recently released by Forrester, b2b eCommerce marketers are moving on from their traditional role of trying to out-smart online buyers, and delivering a stream of leads and support to sales teams. With the emergence of new technologies and digital tools, b2b marketers are shaping a digital-powered role as engineers of customer […]

A recent survey amongst global b2b companies found that the desire for competitive advantage is driving seven out of every ten digital transformation projects around the world. What’s more, well over 30% of businesses polled in the research think that failure to deliver digital transformation projects will actually result in them losing competitive advantage. They […]

In today’s digital business environment, b2b sellers need to ensure they consistently offer an online experience that meets customer expectations, supports increased sales and grows brand loyalty. But there are many myths around b2b ecommerce that continue to hold back some companies. Here are some of those myths – and why you can ignore them: […]

Although trade in the b2b sector has often traditionally relied on long-term contracts and close personal customer relationships, the proliferation of online services and b2b buyers’ own experiences as consumers mean that there is an increasing expectation of a seamless, personalised experience across all digital interactions. Digital transformation in manufacturing, distribution and wholesale companies is […]

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