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A recent survey amongst global b2b companies found that the desire for competitive advantage is driving seven out of every ten digital transformation projects around the world. What’s more, well over 30% of businesses polled in the research think that failure to deliver digital transformation projects will actually result in them losing competitive advantage. They […]

In today’s digital business environment, b2b sellers need to ensure they consistently offer an online experience that meets customer expectations, supports increased sales and grows brand loyalty. But there are many myths around b2b ecommerce that continue to hold back some companies. Here are some of those myths – and why you can ignore them: […]

Although trade in the b2b sector has often traditionally relied on long-term contracts and close personal customer relationships, the proliferation of online services and b2b buyers’ own experiences as consumers mean that there is an increasing expectation of a seamless, personalised experience across all digital interactions. Digital transformation in manufacturing, distribution and wholesale companies is […]

I’ve known of Chloe Thomas (ecommerce author, expert, thought-leader) for some time now, so  I was delighted when she invited me to speak in her eCommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit. Chloe said: “the eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit is a week-long event filled with hand-picked eCommerce experts. It exists to help eCommerce business owners and marketers identify […]

Today’s b2b customer experience expectations demand a personalised approach to delivering enhanced levels of engagement that in turn boost ecommerce performance. This puts significant pressure on sales and marketing teams to develop fresh and innovative solutions that improve the quality of customer interactions. As a result, many companies are utilising marketing automation tools to drive […]

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