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B2B ecommerce is now a must-have.  In just a few short years, “trade suppliers” have upped their game.  Anyone who is anyone in trade sales has an integrated B2B ecommerce site. Not you?   Well then may we humbly suggest you just have a quick look around at your competition.   See that little “trade login” button […]

Today’s b2b buyers are increasingly tech savvy and continually looking for simpler ways to research and purchase the products they need for their businesses. Forrester calls this new era of the connected buyer ‘Age of the Customer,’ and refers to companies that are able to systematically anticipate and respond to customer needs. Yet it’s surprising […]

As 2017 arrives, here are some of the strategic issues that could impact on the way B2B ecommerce shapes up through the year… Manufacturers will continue to add services to their product offerings In the face of continuing economic volatility and tighter environmental regulation, manufacturing firms will increasingly add services and solutions to their product […]

In B2B ecommerce, it can be tempting to think that our trade status means customers can easily navigate the meanings behind long words and jargon.   But words are currency* and although it’s tempting to use long words and long sentences,  we really should stick to the shortest words possible. And here’s why: Short words make […]

The Internet of Things (IoT), or digitising the physical world, will transform the way companies do business over the next 10 years – and both b2b and b2c ecommerce will be at the heart of that transformation. Sensors and actuators built into everyday objects and machines, and connected by networks to computer systems will enable […]

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