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Whatever your job, whoever you are, first impressions matter – so put aside any ideas that elevator speeches are just for sales people – because from the accounts professionals to IT, web-design to marketing, everyone who works in a company can benefit from having a quick and easy way to introduce themselves when asked. As […]

Making the move to b2b ecommerce can be challenging, especially if you need to adapt organisational structures, processes and staff attitudes to new ways of working. Get it right though, and the rewards can be substantial – from increased sales, higher margins and lower costs, to greater customer satisfaction and higher levels of repeat business. […]

 A recent Harvard Business Review article (  discusses the importance of the timing of technological shifts.  Technological shifts, when mis-timed can have their own Richter scale – from world-changing to downright disastrous. HBR cites two concerns: the first is being too late in adopting technology and missing the tide (for example Blockbuster, who failed to […]

It’s no secret that human beings are herd-animals.  We much prefer to follow and stay safe, than to go rogue and risk making a poor decision.   Most people of a certain age will remember IBM’s ad slogan – “nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM”?  Marketers knew it then, and they know it now – […]

We may never know the precise birth-date of the on-demand  Economy, but 2016 was certainly the year that the concept came into more general awareness.  Suddenly everyone was an expert on the  “Gig Economy” as news of B2C companies and services such as Uber and Air BnB took the limelight with their economic growth. Of […]

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