B2B Ecommerce basics – KISS – Keep It Simple SEARCHING!

Posted by Uncategorised • January 12th, 2017

B2B ecommerce is now a must-have.  In just a few short years, “trade suppliers” have upped their game.  Anyone who is anyone in trade sales has an integrated B2B ecommerce site.

Not you?   Well then may we humbly suggest you just have a quick look around at your competition.   See that little “trade login” button at the top of their website, that’s their key to unlocking hidden sales.

Recognise that a customer searching is a customer buying”  

However, not all ecommerce solutions are equal.  Here’s just one humble differentiator – the onsite search bar. So, make this as easy as possible for your customers, and it will work even better for you – boosting sales and loyalty.

Your Essential Search Checklist:

Include mis-spelt words,  (think “Bare-hugs” or “Bear Hugs”) this includes hyphenation, mis-spelling, typo’s and every other potential version of the word. Tip: You can add these words as white-words to the relevant pages, it’s unlikely there will be many of them.

Part numbers, SKU or code numbers – again, be alert to spaces, capitalisation and hyphens.   Include manufacturer part numbers.

Competitors’ product names and numbers – if you sell a similar part, then offer a similar search.  Many customers may be visiting with nothing more than a competitor cross-reference, so make the most of this selling opportunity, and ask for this option to be included.

Provide automated spell check at search

Remember to include plural/singular options when you’re populating your pages

Give them options of historical sales and past orders

Get clever:  Give customers a search that is based on their company buying history, their logins or their job title.

 “Search is no longer a passive process”

Intelligent B2B ecommerce helps to boost your sales.  Consider how the following can be implemented:

Product wizards and selectors :  They have purchased the light fittings, do they now need to buy the corresponding electrics and light bulbs to fit them?  The ongoing offer of corresponding product to help build a meaningful buying experience.  This is where the B2B ecommerce experience offers the same help as the telesales person would have.  Intuitive, thoughtful and sales-boosting.

Product configurations:  Fully configured?  Ready for installation? Boxed in bulk?  different customers have different configuration needs.  Making their life easy with options.

Search – make it equal across all devices

We all appreciate that visibility can be compromised by device quality.  Certainly the visual experience on an iPhone is going to be less than a desk-top. But that doesn’t give anyone an excuse not to consider the Omnichannel.  Make the search experience as rich and intuitive across all devices, and ensure that searching history can be remembered across devices to make it simple.


Note: Many of the above options are available as standard, some are available on a case-by-case basis, and we have still more ideas up our sleeves that are available as a bespoke build.  If YOU want to stand out from the crowd and honour your searching buyers, then let us help you with a selection of options all designed to help you sell more, sell more often, and make the whole process easier.

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