B2B ecommerce pitfalls to avoid. The top five questions that nobody ever asks!

Posted by Uncategorised • October 5th, 2014

Here at Aspidistra, since 1998, we’ve created hundreds of B2B ecommerce websites, all integrated with a full accounts package, many with B2C as well as B2B. Often customers pick our brains, and we will willingly oblige.

However there are some questions that are never asked. To us, they are some of the most important. Here they are:

1) How much content should I put on my site?

Many people search on the internet for information. Right now they may not even be thinking about buying your particular product, or solution, and as they stumble through more and more Google search results, seeking the instructions on running a Griggywiggle at 1/2 speed. Whosoever supplies this information is likely to be bookmarked and referred to time and again.

In short, give information. Give lots and lots of information. Don’t just supply data about Griggywiggles, also provide information about Griggywiggle consumables, cleaning material and kennels (for when they go on holiday)

2) Do I need a B2C version as well as a B2B version?

Chances are, if you are a B2B supplier only, you probably don’t need a B2C version. However you will certainly need a public-facing site, where all your information is in full view of the discerning public. Many sales are now driven customer-up, with the client doing the research, and asking a retailer to obtain their chosen item. You can lose sales to the competition if you don’t keep up with this trend.
A full B2C version doesn’t have to be expensive. But consider keeping B2B and B2C back-end integrated. We can build both simultaneously, so providing even greater stock integration.

3) I don’t need SEO do I?

Erm, yes, you do actually. Even if you are supplying distributors/retailers, etc, the SEO element is important to enable people to find you.

But SEO has changed dramatically. It is much more about quality content these days, than the smoke and mirrors of a few years ago. Ensure that your site is at least SEO friendly, and that you’re not falling foul of outdated bad-practices or those hand-faster-than-the-eye SEO wizards (which can be worse than no SEO)

4) Once my site is up and running, I never need to worry about it again?

If only! A website is simply never complete. No matter how complex, beautiful, integrated, ahead-of-its-time, etc, websites are simply work in progress, and that’s the only way to view yours.

We will advise you on ongoing health-checks, and can carry these out for you. In addition Google loves copy and content changes, so by playing an active role in the development of your site, you are killing numerous birds at the same time.

5) How do I ensure my existing customers come across to buy online?

Customers are creatures of habit and like to buy how they have always bought. Simply switching your website to “on” isn’t going to magically transform all their buying habits. However, there are plenty of straightforward routes to encourage your customers to hop onto your money-saving, time-saving B2B ecommerce platform. Promotions, customer care surveys, integrated buying/next sale promo’s, social media, competitions, events etc, all have their place. It is important to build a customer transfer programme alongside your new B2B site.

Any more questions that you wish you’d asked but haven’t?
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