Beyond B2B – into Organisational Credibility – part 1

Posted by Uncategorised • November 1st, 2016

Many of our articles are all about the technical elements of B2B ecommerce.  Over the years we have shown you how to boost product sales, improve your photos, add videos, sell more, save time and make more profits when using B2B ecommerce.

However, there is another side of B2B ecommerce, and that is the very essence of your B2B business.  It’s the “feel” of your website.  It’s your credibility.

So, in this very different series of articles, we will look at what else you can do (in addition to using a Shopfront ecommerce website of course) to boost your sales using your credibility. Taking a look behind the B2B ecommerce site – and into how your whole organisation comes across.

“Build your Organisational Credibility in B2B” 0credibility

Autumn is a useful time for reflection.  Seasonally, you’ll be on-track for next year already with new B2B product lines already confirmed.  But how about the less tangible elements of your business?

We invite you to enjoy this month’s articles.  Grab a cup of coffee and a pen and paper – and relegate your competition to a firm 2nd place as you build your credibility – and sales!


Why do you need credibility?

Consider buying a product from a company with no credibility?  Difficult isn’t it?  Will the products be any good? Will they deliver on time? Will they deliver at all?  Would you, as a buyer, put your name to a purchase order for products from a company with no credibility?


We thought not.

And that’s why credibility is so important.  It’s a very silent influencer in most purchases.  Often it is influenced by outside factors, and often companies simply don’t realise the importance of it.

What is credibility?

From the Latin, Credo (“I believe”) credibility is the feeling of trust, respect and believability that you inspire in others.

Sadly, it isn’t something that can be created easily, it is more a combination of events and actions that makes others feel that they can rely on you.

Credibility can be created by:

  • Clear values
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Expertise

And all of the above are areas that a business can build and support.

TIP – embedding your credibility in your B2B ecommerce presence:  

Don’t just focus on product and service.  Give over some space and time to your back-story, where you’ve come from, who you really are.   


Next: Values.