Beyond B2B – into Organisational Credibility, part 4 – expertise

Posted by Uncategorised • October 26th, 2016


The more specialised your company is, the greater expertise it will be assumed to have.  It’s an easy one to demonstrate.  If you need a very specific technical item, where are you most likely to search?  A general wholesaler? Or a company that specialises in this particular product/brand?

It may not be possible to niche your company so much that it becomes the expert in a specific field – but it will certainly be possible to ensure that your company employs experts in particular areas.

Don’t just create these experts in silos, though.  Ensure that you keep your business experts talking to each other, developing greater awareness about the industry and also making a bigger noise within your industry.

Don’t have any experts?  Then train up your generalists.  Expertise is key.  Give your experts the opportunity to shine, with blog posts and press releases.

Remember: This is about building credibility.  The one thing that’s guaranteed to undermine credibility is providing duff information.  Stay informed, about your products, your industry, the people out there and market trends.

Tip:  Bringing Expertise into your B2B ecommerce presence

Offer “expert opinions” on selected products

Highlight your internal experts, their qualifications, their passions.  And at the same time make sure they are appearing human – you can do this with a “personal profile” page

Offer free advice, information, tip-sheets, pdfs

Quote credible sources, know your industry inside out so that others can use your knowledge and expertise.

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