Beyond B2B – into Organisational Credibility, part 5 – be transparent

Posted by Uncategorised • October 24th, 2016

Be Transparent

When you’ve got your values, your authenticity and your expertise sorted, then transparency is the easy option.

People will trust what they experience.  Being open and honest will come naturally as there is nothing to hide.  And as you are more open and transparent about your values, then people don’t even have to guess what your motivations are.

A quote from a PR consultant: “Nature abhors a vacuum.  Where no news exists, rumours and lies will rush in”

Well by being super-transparent (and trusted, and expert and having brilliant values) all news should be good news!

Vulnerability and transparency are two of the key indicators of closeness and swift relationship building. So, with everything open and transparent, not only can you use this as a tool for building a quicker rapport with your potential customers, but you can also fall back on transparency when you have bad news to share.

Remember transparency is all about communication and eliminating barriers to communication.  So aim to reduce jargon, keep your message clear, and truthful

TIP – adding transparency into your B2B ecommerce presence

Be accessible – give your contact details, address, contact numbers, etc and make them prominent. 

It’s OK to be vulnerable – even when things go wrong, these are a perfect opportunity to create a case-study and show how you’ve put things right.

Show your clients.  Customers love to see they are not alone in buying from you, so where possible let people know who you supply.

Testimonials are a great way to be transparent.  Using the words of your customers or staff to create the story that is transparent and vulnerable.

Jargon-check your site.  Where jargon must exist, also offer a plain-English explanation.  Not everyone is as expert as you are.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of articles.  Aspidistra can do so much more than just create your B2B Ecommerce website.  Ask us about SEO, sales, state-of-the-market reports and, of course, integration technology.

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