How to maximise your Christmas sales… in Summer

Posted by Uncategorised • June 17th, 2016

Mid June, temperatures soaring, and nothing could be further from most people’s minds than Christmas.   But for everyone who is running a B2B business, we know that right now, amidst midsummer BBQs, is the time to start planning.

Promote Christmas to your retail customers

Get in there early and let your retailers know what you’ll be offering this Christmas.  Display packs, POS, promotions, posters… get ahead of the competition and give them plenty to drool over.  (Remember to show this behind your secure trade login if you’d rather the competition doesn’t see it)

Sell the sizzle

Professional buyers may be your targets, but we are all still human.  So remember these people also want to ooh and aah about your offerings.  Get them excited and you could get a far larger order.

Make it gorgeous

You may sell B2B, but a picture is a sales tool, so don’t settle for anything less than great photography, excellent design work, and well produced advertising.

Make it easy

Do whatever you can to make the sale easy.  Online ordering 24/7, easy print outs of invoices, and easy payments off trade accounts.  Your customers are going to be busy pre-ordering for Christmas, so make your buying experience the best.

Think this doesn’t apply to you?   Perhaps your business doesn’t sell to retailers or is not relevant at Christmas.  Then why not apply all these tips to your customers’ buying seasons to boost sales.