eCommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit

Posted by Uncategorised • September 1st, 2017

I’ve known of Chloe Thomas (ecommerce author, expert, thought-leader) for some time now, so  I was delighted when she invited me to speak in her eCommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit.

Chloe said: “the eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit is a week-long event filled with hand-picked eCommerce experts. It exists to help eCommerce business owners and marketers identify new growth strategies for 2017 and 2018; without the time or logistical commitment of a physical event. 2017 will be the first time the event happens, and we anticipate at least 1,000 registrants for the launch week”

If you are interested in ecommerce (marketing, tech, traffic, engagement, profit…etc) then it’s well worth checking this one out. The Summit runs from 18th to 23rd September

Day 1:    Traffic: How to get more customers to your website

A whole day focused on practical ways you can get more customers to your website, including Google Adwords gems, SEO advice, PR and personas, offline advertising and Facebook Ads.

Day 2:    Systems: Free up your time and find more profit

This is our efficiency day – what can you systematise to free up time and increase profits. Including how to hire freelancers, returns, and upsells. PLUS this is where our international content is sitting – because why do you take your business international? To increase profits of course! Lots of great ways to improve your international profits too.

Day 3:    Automation: Using email marketing and more

What can you set up for your marketing systems to do without you having to lift a finger? That’s our focus here. We’ve got 3 whole sessions focused on email marketing, and other advice on direct mail and social media.

Day 4:     Listen: Find the growth fast track by listening to your customers

To succeed you have to deliver what your customers want, and the only way to find out what that is is to listen to them. How to listen is pretty diverse – so this day is all about giving you some ideas of how to listen, learn and improve. From product to analytics there’s lots here.

Day 5:     Websites: Design trends and tools to increase conversions

For anyone on Magento 1 – we’ve got 2 sessions to help you work out what to do about the Magento 2 situation. One advising sticking with Magento, one making the case for Shopify. Both very much worth a watch. For the B2B audience we have a great session on the key functionality required by B2B businesses. And then we have sessions for everyone on the key apps and plugins you need and 5 things you shouldn’t ever do on your eCommerce site.

Did I also mention it’s FREE to attend?

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