What would YOU do with an extra member of staff?

Posted by Uncategorised • June 23rd, 2016

No, we haven’t turned into your fairy godmother… however one of the gifts of a fully integrated B2B ecommerce website, is you gain time.  And, based on our clients’ experiences, here are the effects:

Inbound sales

“Suddenly the busy inbound sales team, working overtime and every other weekend, had time to stop, look around and smell the coffee.  Even drink a coffee!  They get less stressed.  That helps everyone.   And it means they also get more pro-active.  Have the time to make out-bound calls, support the sales reps more, generate sales instead of just taking orders.”

“Even our office is tidier, it’s not the bomb-site of the past, now I am even happy to allow customers to visit”


“The accounts department love that they aren’t being continually harassed with minor irritations, like “where’s my copy invoice?”.  Accounts, like sales, are able to re-acquaint themselves with their key role: Keeping our business on track, pre-emptive accounting and spotting opportunities to save costs.”

Outbound sales.

“Feedback from outbound sales is that they can spend their time building a relationship with customers rather than just selling.  Sales are taken care of by the website, but the people-factor is enhanced when sales people are no longer heads-down on their iPad in front of a customer, inputting data.”


“Now we can have all the results we need in real time.  We can run a targeted campaign, discounts for example, for one data-set of customers, and note the results.  We can be more focused; our promotions are more impactful.  It gives us flexibility.  We can even change designs, do seasonal campaigns and events, and we retain control of the website.”

That extra team-member

“We saved so much time and got so much efficiency from our B2B site, that we could create a role without employing anyone new.  I decided to appoint one of the inbound sales people as my PA.  This in turn frees up my own time, so I’m no longer working all hours and I feel more efficient and less stressed.”

Well, who’d have known a website could create so much change?   (Actually we did, we see it all the time).

So what are YOU going to do with your extra member of staff?  Get yourself a new PA, appoint someone to outbound sales, or boost your marketing department?