Make the most of the Micro-moments.

Posted by Uncategorised • September 22nd, 2016

Remember the heady days of the three dimensional web experience.? The platform, the quality of the offer, the medium by which it is viewed (mobile/tablet, etc)?

Now there is the fourth dimension.  The time-span of your viewers.  And as our human attention span is now less than a goldfish (<8 seconds) the micro-moment is a selling moment for all businesses, B2B or B2C.

Most usually the micro-moment will apply to the B2C experience.  Customers are browsing for somewhere to go, for fast information, a check-in on a time-table, or a social media alert. But human habits tend to infiltrate from domestic into business.. and now the micro-moments are all over the B2B environment.


Making the most of the Micro-moment

All day, every day, people have business “micro-moments”.  They may grab their mobile to check the status of an order, the emailed copy invoice or stock status.

How do you make the most of this?  How do you score micro-moment points above your competitors?

8 Micro-points to maximise your micro-moments.

  • Ensure your site loads fast
  • Get to the point! No time for messing.
  • Make it easy for people to find what they want. .
  • Make them an offer. Your USPs, or your daily offer.  Grab their attention or forget it.
  • Integrate, capture, reward, educate… just make sure to get something out of a micro-moment.
  • Anticipate the micro-moment. Plan for it.  Test your site for it.  Ensure that every micro-moment is a good one
  • Make it seamless. Ensure it translates across all channels.


Our final point with regards to the nicro-moment – is to make it matter.   Remember a brilliant micro-moment can transform into meaningful long-term engagement, so aim to understand your customers’ needs and help them through the micro-moment into becoming a longterm customer.