Multilingual, Multicurrency and Multifunctional!

Posted by Uncategorised • March 27th, 2014

We’ve just delivered a very exciting new Shopfront site to the Shannon-based European distributor of industrial footwear, Shoes for Crews. Integrated to their Sage 200 system, there are 4 sites English/Euro, English/Sterling, German/Euro and French/Euro.
We’ve also built-in the ability to redirect to in-country distributors for specified countries. The site is B2C and B2B and incorporates additional facilities for major franchise operations to obtain shoes at centrally negotiated prices.
Many of Shoes for Crews’ customers require detailed reconciliation of which staff members the shoes are for, so we’ve introduced employee name and payroll number facilities to the cart that pass straight into Sage 200 customisations built by the business partner Brook Software Solutions. Shoes for Crews chose a contemporary European design from The Web Machine to complement their US branding but provide a distinct identity.
In the coming weeks Aspidistra will also be integrating to another payment provider to access the rather different ecommerce payment methods popular in some European countries.