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Whether you’ve recently launched a new B2B eCommerce initiative or you’re looking to improve the performance of an existing online store, you’ll no doubt want to measure progress towards your goals against a series of KPIs. On of the most important metrics to consider is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), or the value a customer brings […]

So you’ve made the decision to create a B2B eCommerce channel, your site’s been designed and built, and you’re planning to launch. How do you now secure the engagement of your existing customers and how do you attract new online buyers? Firstly, with B2B eCommerce, it’s important to recognise that the sales and marketing functions […]

Today’s B2B buyers have high standards when it comes to customer service, and they expect sellers to provide them with a purchasing experience that’s fine-tuned to their personal preferences. In our experience however, companies still face many challenges in delivering a consistently high quality of service across multiple sales channels. Frequently we see how sellers […]

Launched in 2015, Amazon Business is the B2B version of the familiar online consumer marketplace and now boasts over a million customer accounts, more than 45,000 active sellers, and over 10 million products for sale. This rapid growth proves that Amazon Business is satisfying the needs of business procurement teams, but many companies are still […]

Data is the currency of competitive advantage for business in the digital age, and its importance is only going to increase in the future. But as more businesses realise the value in capturing, storing and processing customer data, people are increasingly concerned with how their personal details are being stored and used. In Europe, this […]

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