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Reports emphasise investment priorities for midmarket b2b ecommerce

Posted by Uncategorised • August 11th, 2016

A new report from research company, Forrester, highlights some key trends in the b2b ecommerce market for mid-size companies. Forrester surveyed 75 global b2b ecommerce decision-makers in the study, who were employed by businesses with a turnover of between £20m and £400m.

One of the main take-outs from the report is that 62% of companies currently thinking about changing or upgrading their ecommerce platform said they would opt for a single, unified, one vendor solution that includes back-office integration with their business and accounting systems.

Ease of maintaining the system and greater efficiency were some of the main reason given for this choice, with a majority also stating that an integrated solution would provide access to a central source of real-time data, as well as improve the agility of their operations.

Meanwhile, a different survey conducted by Forrester involving 352 global mid-size b2b companies, has examined key technology investment priorities for ecommerce decision-makers. Just short of 100% of respondents reported that they were planning upgrades or refreshes to their systems over the next three years.

For nearly 60% of companies, improving their ecommerce platform is top of the agenda for 2016, closely followed by enhancing mobile sites and apps, CRM systems, and content management tools. On top of this, around half of the decision-makers questioned said that integrating their ecommerce platform with backend business systems was also high on their list of must-haves.

The research indicates that mid-size companies are showing an increasing readiness to respond to fast-changing market conditions and b2b customer preferences for doing business online.

With many midmarket b2b sellers already benefiting from higher online sales, less overheads and greater margins, it’s not surprising to see so much importance being placed on investment in ecommerce technology. In fact, according to Forrester’s study, around 40% of mid-size companies already have upgrade projects in place or planned within the next year, while a further 50% are aiming to invest in new ecommerce technology over the next two years.