Make it easy for your customers

The secret to successful b2b ecommerce… make your customer’s job as easy as possible

Posted by Uncategorised • October 20th, 2016

Today’s b2b sellers face a number of key challenges around optimising business performance. In a marketplace where many are struggling to maintain share, companies must continually build sales and turnover in order to fuel growth. Increasingly, the ability to meet customer expectations by delivering an excellent buying experience is becoming the major differentiator in retaining existing business and attracting new, loyal customers.


Reducing the complexity of the buyer–seller relationship is critical to customer service excellence, and making it as easy as possible for customers to get their job done is key. The hassle-free, self-service approach offered by best-in-class b2b ecommerce platforms can support this – and here are a few insights that might help you capitalise on a global market forecast to be worth $6.7 trillion by 2020.


Make sure you reduce complexity

93% of b2b buyers prefer to buy online using self-service tools – and 52% of b2b sellers have reduced their customer support costs by migrating offline customers online.


Make sure you can be found

90% of b2b buyers use Internet search engines to research business purchases. So effective Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to ensuring they can find your site and your products.


Make sure your site is easily searchable

70% of activity on b2b sites starts with your search tool. Advanced search facilities and smart navigation allow your customers to easily find the information and products they’re looking for. These essential features also help to boost conversion rates and increase average order values.


Make sure your buyer journey is personalised

50% of b2b buyers expect to see customised product recommendations from sellers, and 68% say personalised price lists and catalogues are important features that support the way they work. So your ecommerce platform should have the capabilities to ensure that content can be tailored to individual customers throughout their buying journey.


Make sure essential information is readily available in real-time

Over 60% of buyers say that it’s important to be able to view their account activity and consolidated order history across all channels. At the same time, 61% want to see unified, real-time inventory levels. This kind of visibility is only achievable when ecommerce platforms are fully integrated with your business and accounting systems.


Make sure the payment process is simple

69% of b2b buyers prefer the speed, simplicity and trackability of instant online payment options – which is why it’s important to be able to offer customer-specific payment-on-account facilities with any agreed discount structures built-in.



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