Three reasons why your MD is already sold on b2b ecommerce

Posted by Uncategorised • April 12th, 2016

The growth in b2b ecommerce isn’t just a passing trend – it’s revolutionising the way companies do business. Switching to an online channel or omnichannel approach can empower business operations, transform the customer experience and drive sales. With a technology platform that aligns with business needs, companies not only save costs and increase efficiency in the short-term, they’re ensuring they have the infrastructure and tools in place to make the most of future opportunities.

LeadershipBut for many businesses, making the move to b2b ecommerce is a significant strategic change, which means overcoming the challenge of multiple stakeholder buy-in. This can often be best achieved with the support of a key sponsor within the organisation – someone who values the role of digital innovation in helping the business progress. And in our experience, that sponsor will frequently be the managing director or CEO. Here are three reasons why they’re usually the most interested in making the change to b2b ecommerce happen…

1. Optimising productivity
MDs have to meet short- and long-term goals and are always looking for ways to improve business performance. In today’s fast-moving world, part of any progressive-thinking MD’s vision is to digitise business operations as far as possible, as quickly as possible in readiness for the influx of the millennial generation into the workforce.

2. Accelerating growth
MDs are tasked with driving growth, so they want it to be easier and faster for customers, partners, and suppliers to do business with the company. This includes enabling buyers to order products and services in the simplest and most cost efficient ways, while delivering a first-class customer experience through smart, scalable processes.

3. Improving profitability
MDs see innovative technology as a way of transferring capital and resource expense to a managed operating service cost so they can improve profitability. They also value the role of technology as a critical enabler in the development and rapid introduction of new products and services.

When innovative new technology such as a class-leading b2b ecommerce solution supports business efficiency, growth and long-term success, MDs will invariably be the major driving force behind its adoption.