Three Trends in B2B eCommerce that we cannot afford to ignore

Posted by Uncategorised • August 5th, 2015

Technology and trends in B2B ecommerce are developing rapidly. This is certainly due to the combination of consumer, B2C ecommerce and the sophistication of B2B technology. Together they ensure that B2B ecommerce integration is one of the most exciting technologies around.

– More profitable Added to the excitement of the pace, is the undeniable profitability. A recent study by Forrester Research shows that 89 percent of B2B providers said adding ecommerce to their business increased annual revenue by 55 percent.

– Increases order value In the same survey, 81 percent said selling online drove up their average order value by 31 percent.

1) B2C Leads the pack.

Whether our buyers are professional buyers or not – they all have one thing in common: outside of work, they are buying on the internet for their own use. And they have experienced the no-fuss, customer-focused sites of their chosen retailers. They are familiar with an intuitive site, the easy purchase, the slick route from shopping cart to doorstep. Smooth. The B2C experience is now what they want – and deserve – at work. With more and more B2B sites going the same way, there are no excuses, and a B2B site that isn’t customer-focused will no longer be tolerated. This means, if your competitor already has a cool B2B site, you need to be seriously looking at your own.

2) Meaningful Integration

It goes without saying that a great B2B experience is totally integrated. Customers want to see their account status – in real time! They want to know delivery options and availability, print off copy invoices for themselves. To see their negotiated discounts, their past orders and amend their white labels for manufacturer-to-customer deliveries. Until now, many companies have created something that looks integrated on the surface, but that demands human involvement in several stages. Human involvement, by its nature, slows the process down. It removes the “smooth”. It means picking up the phone, or waiting for an email. That’s just not acceptable to most buyers.

3) Promote – like a B2C Boss!

Your favourite B2C brand would never leave marketing to chance. They are all over social media, Tweeting, Pinning, setting up Facebook groups and communicating with their tribes. This, as well as the excellent customer experience of their B2C site, is what’s keeping them in business.
It’s time for B2B to learn from these B2C Bosses! And the lesson is: Social Media, the Internet, SEO and PPC matter! Images matter. Content matters. Listening and engaging with your clients matter.

Bear in mind that over 70% of ALL buyers will research their product choice online before buying. Take advantage of this, by adding all the information your customers need. Become an information resource as well as a great B2B ecommerce site. When you look at taking on a B2B ecommerce website, you need a B2B ecommerce marketing plan to work with. So ask your current marketing agency. Or your website designers. Or ask us at Aspidistra to create one for you.
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