Want to sell more? You need to CONNECT more.

Posted by Uncategorised • August 18th, 2016

The growth of new digital devices and emerging social networks means that a company’s ability to reach and connect with their market must become ever more complex.

Consumers are self-selecting into the social networks that best suit their needs.  They are making their decisions on devices that vary from hand-held to wall-mounted and they are fickle.  Oh so fickle!

If you’re already thinking, ‘well I’m in the B2B market so this doesn’t affect my business’ listen up!

Your customers, those professional B2B buyers are also consumers.  They are the same ones that are Tweeting, posting on Facebook and even racing around chasing Pokemon Go!  Yes seriously – 78% of Pokemon Go players are aged 18-34 (1).

Let’s just sit with that for a moment.

Got your breath back?  Good – because this is a race.  It’s a race to be clever, to outsmart the competition, to have a strategy, and most of all it’s a race to understand your customers and get them to like you.  And to do that… you’ve got to connect.

Find them 24/7

Where, exactly, are your customers?  Are they really spending all their leisure time on industry websites?  Hell no.  Out of work, your customers are on Facebook, Pinterest, Mashable, YouTube… they are playing, relaxing, browsing (yes, and they are also occasionally buying).  So look at the opportunities to engage with them where they are. Using the social networks they understand.

When they are on your site – personalise their experience.

Everyone likes to think they are unique, that their suppliers look after them, that they are cared for, cared-about.  So make their buying experience unique to them.  Yes, it will involve specific integration work, but that’s what Aspidistra is for.   We can help you tailor an experience for each customer so they will be delighted.  From packaging, white label, palletising, bar-coding, delivery offers, copy invoices to product recommendations, special offers for their sector, etc.

Don’t be shy – keep up the interaction

Use opportunities to tell your customers how much they are valued.  Tweet them, DM them, email them, send them feedback forms, invite them to give you testimonials.  Keep your customers feeling special… because if you don’t your competitors will.

Make it easy.

Technology isn’t just broader with more and more channels, it’s also deeper and more intuitive. And that’s what your Pokemon Go-chasing customers are used to.  Why stand out by having a difficult process for them to negotiate.  Instead, get to understand your customers’ buying requirements and design them a purchasing experience that they will actually enjoy.

Make it fresh

As the digital age continues apace, people’s minds are programmed to “sort for new”.  Newness excites us, gives us something to talk about, inspires and engages us.   What can you do to ensure that your ecommerce solution is fresh and new both for your customers and for the ultimate divider – Google? Remember also Google loves new, different, well- created content.

So plan in a website review on a frequency that works (most of our customers are on 12/18/24 month reviews).  And in the meantime, ensure you have a platform that will let you make less structural changes on a far more regular basis.

Integrate your Omnichannel support

People are now expecting “customer service by social media” so make sure you’ve got Twitter monitoring 24/7.  Empower people to make brand-protecting decisions, keeping your customers happy.

Here’s an area where you really can score points over all those $multi-million social media platforms.  Because we all know, with such vast businesses, that sometimes customer service is not always what it could be and customer expectations are becoming routinely lower in this area – so make this your shining moment.  Make it a perfect space in which to embrace “customer service as a route to sales.”  And to connect.