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When it comes to B2B ecommerce – size IS important

Posted by Uncategorised • April 27th, 2016

With mobile internet usage (on tablets and mobile phones) overtaking static early in 2014;  “big isn’t always better” was a message we all got loud and clear.

Now, in 2016 in the UK we spend almost twice as long online with our smartphones than on laptops and personal computers. And on average, adult mobile users spent nearly two hours online each day using a smartphone in March 2015 (1 hour and 54 minutes), compared to just over an hour on laptops and PCs (1 hour and nine minutes).(4)  iphone and tablet

But how about the next step?  Well, it looks to us as though it’s all about size. Both very small – with smart watches and very large – with Internet TV.

Smart watches first. In 2015, 9% of Internet users had a Smart watch.(1)  And, by looking at data projection from 2015 to 2020, we have a potential growth of 2000+% (2) of the use of smart wearable devices.(3)  Even if buyers aren’t placing orders via their Smart watch, the growth of this area is a clear sign that B2B ecommerce providers can never become complacent about people’s attachment to their small screen.

When it comes to the Smart TV over half  (56%) of UK homes had a TV connected to the internet, either via a set-top box or a smart TV by the end of 2014. (5)  Imagine the difference between image quality on a tablet and on a 50” screen.  Sloppy imagery, text changes, slight mis-matches in formatting, these will all be very evident on a much larger screen.

So here is the important message; Size doesn’t just matter a little bit – it’s a vital ingredient for success.  It is essential that your B2B ecommerce site is viable and attractive for viewing on a screen that may be just 10cm or a hundred times bigger.  How on earth do you do that?

Well responsiveness is one thing.  However, it is only part of the picture.  The true effectiveness of a future-flexible B2B ecommerce site is in the cleverness of the design and the attention to details.  Understanding how things will appear when very small, and getting a grip on the quality of presentation when you’re faced with a home-cinema!

At Aspidistra we design and create sites for YOUR customers.  And we get to understand your customers first and foremost.   We also understand that your customers are flexible, changeable and unique.  Possibly likely to be buying and browsing from their smartphone at the gym, or even after a streamed movie on a huge flat screen.  And anywhere in between.


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(3)  Wearable devices are an important part of the internet of everything and include smart watches, smart glasses, heads-up displays (HUD), health and fitness trackers and wearable scanners and navigation devices.
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