Big Jiggs Toys

Bigjigs gets even bigger with online sales.

Posted by Feedback • June 8th, 2016

Bigjigs Toys Ltd is an online and offline success story. Since it launched in 1985, the company has remained true to its values of sustainably-made, quality toys, designed in Britain.

Suppliers to independent toy retailers across the world, for the past five years it has offered retailers and trade the option of buying via their online shop. However, it is only since 2014, when Aspidistra was commissioned to create a truly integrated B2B solution, that it has really harnessed the benefits of online growth.

Sam Ireland

Sam Ireland

Sam Ireland, Operations Director said: “Our previous ecommerce offering was not totally integrated. And as a result, whilst it drove sales up, it also came with a cost – the cost of employing more customer service staff and sales staff to manage the system. Now we have switched to Aspidistra and our turnover has risen by a further 15%, however this is a cost-free increase, as we’ve managed to maintain sales and customer service team numbers and not had to increase them. The system itself manages all the extra work – it has reduced numbers of phone calls into the offices resulting in fewer menial queries. In short it has made our lives much easier.

Aspidistra’s work for Bigjigs Toys included a total redesign of their trade site, and moving it to a new platform.

Sam continues: “The move and redesign was smooth and the team at Aspidistra was very easy to deal with. We got exactly what we had briefed them on, and although we previously had some integration, we are now reaping the benefits of the system”.

Sam cites the main benefits as:
Customers self-serve, so now Customer Services staff are focused on complex requests.
Customers can view account balances, invoices and make payments – reducing requests for copy invoices, or account queries.
Customers can view stock levels and check availability dates – meaning sales increase as customers are better able to respond to their shoppers.

“It’s true that our sales team continue to take orders on the road, however we can see the success of the ecommerce site, as sales people visit customers every 6-8 weeks, yet orders are placed every 2-3 weeks on average. In short the Aspidistra integrated website has been a great boost to our business, a painless transition and it paid for itself in a very short period of time”.