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Key Shopfront B2C features that give you and your online retail customers an efficient and smooth experience

Sell on ‘Cash’ Account

For full integration with your accounting software, all retail orders placed on the website are posted into sage. These orders can all be organised in a single account designated as a ‘Cash’ account. The integrated design of your online shop will prevent your accounts system being filled with possibly hundreds of Sales Ledger accounts where only one item is ever purchased.

Create Account

Our website developers have designed Shopfront so all retail orders placed on the website are posted into your Sage accounting software. It may be desired to crate a Sales Ledger Account for these orders, particularly if you are expecting a high level of repeat business for these customers but you don’t want to convert them to B2B customers. When the customer first purchases the accounts system will be checked to see if there is an existing account with the same email address and post code and if there is that one will be used, if not a new account will be created. The account code will either be the default format for the accounts system or we can write a small amount of bespoke software to implement any scheme you may already be using.

Optional Registration

Getting your customers to register and supplying them with a password is common practise on B2C ecommerce sites. We recommend that you get customers to register at the end of their purchase. It is possible to force customer to register before they ‘add to cart’ or ‘go to checkout’ but there is considerable research that sites that do this have lower conversions as customers are loath to supply data to be allowed to purchase. All the data you reasonably need is in the checkout anyway so that is the best place for them to register.

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