Order Processing Features

Some of Shopfront's best order processing features that keep things running smoothly

Postcode Anywhere

As a convenience to customers and to ensure you have a valid delivery address you can add Postcode Anywhere to the site. The feature is included in the service but the lookups themselves need to be paid for by purchasing ‘Credit Packs’. We will purchase these on your behalf and invoice you for them.

Quick Order

In many situations regular customers may have the stock codes of the goods they require from printed catalogues you have previously supplied them. In this case customers can have the option to make quick orders through your website by simply entering in the stock code of the item they wish to purchase. Shopfront’s seamless ecommerce integration means that the product will be found and entered into their shopping basket.

Pay by SagePay

SagePay is the default payment provider used by Shopfront. It accepts Visa, Mastercard and optionally American Express. We will assist you to set up a SagePay account. SagePay includes the following features: Tokens – ‘Remember my Card’ Low Profile Payment Pages (Pay Pal not available)’ Sofort and Giro Payments in Europe Surcharges SagePay requires that you have a Merchant Account configured for Internet orders. If you do not have then you will need to apply to your bank of SagePay can provide one. This process can take quite some time so you should start straight away.

Pay by PayPal (via SagePay)

SagePay has Paypal as one of its payment options. If you want to use PayPal then it simply needs to be configured in your SagePay interface.

Orders into SOP and Allocated

When the customer places the order we create a Sales Order in your Sage or Pegasus accounts system and for most customers allocate the stock from the appropriate warehouse(s). The order is then ready for further processing through despatch and invoicing. The Sage or Pegasus order number is returned to the website and appears on all of the customer documentation.

Nominal & Analysis Code Integration

By default Shopfront will place the order using the nominal codes on the products that are synchronised with the Sage accounts system. If you have other nominal code requirements most of these can be achieved through configuration changes to Shopfront.

Save Cart

Once a customer is logged in the cart is continuously saved so if he logs out or leaves the computer we will recover his cart the next time that he logs in. The cart is saved via a cookie for B2C customers so it is only saved on that computer. For B2B customers the cart is stored against the purchaser’s login and is available on any computer.

Track Order

Most courier companies provide online tracking for parcels. We can provide automatic links to this tracking for many of these companies. Some are straightforward in that they use your Sage order number that we already know. However, other use their own despatch references and in this case you will have to have a process where these are entered into Sage to enable the tracking to work.

Other Payment Methods

While SagePay is the default payment provider and it is included in the price other payment providers can be configured. We will provide you a quotation for this work and a significant uplift to you support fee. This is because the providers have a habit of changing their interfaces which causes us to have to do further work after we have done the initial integration.

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