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Once Google took over YouTube, we all discovered that video is excellent for SEO. And now YouTube is growing so fast that mobile watch time doubled since last June and carried Google to an unexpected earnings surge last month. Video is not all about boosting B2C sales with youthful vlogging, video packs serious power in […]

Here at Aspidistra, we’re often heard discussing how important imagery is. Whether you are producing a humble electrical component, the most basic of building blocks, or an exquisite design-led product, your B2B customer will still want to see photographs and evidence that they are buying the right stock. They want quality images, useful descriptions and […]

As ecommerce continues to grow, sellers are facing the challenge of managing larger inventories and expanding supply chains, particularly those retailers dealing with both B2B and B2C customers. Lack of visibility and communication across these supply chains is becoming a significant issue and can result in increasing costs and compromised customer service. Likewise, suppliers are […]

Technology and trends in B2B ecommerce are developing rapidly. This is certainly due to the combination of consumer, B2C ecommerce and the sophistication of B2B technology. Together they ensure that B2B ecommerce integration is one of the most exciting technologies around. – More profitable Added to the excitement of the pace, is the undeniable profitability. […]

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