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Adopting best practice in a continually evolving b2b ecommerce landscape is vital to meeting the expectations of your customers and ensuring your business is fit for the future. Here are some areas to consider that might help you refine your approach… Compensate your sales reps for their role in driving online sales. When you’re building […]

The exponential growth in b2b ecommerce means that a rapidly increasing number of manufacturers and distributors are now seeing significant returns on their investment in online channels through more sales, lower costs, improved productivity and increased margins. This growth is being supported by a generation of business buyers in their 30s who, mirroring their personal […]

When considering the B2B ecommerce boom, we are often pointed in the direction of Alibaba. This B2B internet giant, larger even than Amazon and eBay combined, with gross merchandise value of $27.28 billion currently, is expected to grow by 11% by 2020. Big numbers. And we can assume that Alibaba is enjoying the best systems […]

Most companies know their customers well. It’s the first premise of business. After all you have negotiated a deal with them, and you probably speak with them on a fairly regular basis. Many companies will run customer surveys, send feedback forms, or just take informal feedback via their sales people. However, all this feedback and […]

Wherever you look, from research organisations like, Forresters, Frost & Sullivan, business news like Forbes, or sector media like, Internet Magazine, Branding, Consultancy… the B2B ecommerce market is set to explode! Forresters forecasts that US B2B ecommerce is set to grow form $780 billion in 2015 to an enormous $1.13 trillion in just 5 years. […]

As new technology and continuous innovation drive new ways of buying and new levels of customer empowerment, what can online B2B sellers do to ensure they are able to service the ever-increasing expectations of their customers? According to a recent study by Walker Research Group, by 2020, B2B customers will expect sellers to know their […]

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