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B2B ecommerce – is it just for customer retention? It would seem there are two schools of thought. One claims ecommerce as the perfect tool for B2B customer retention. After all, it allows customers to buy in their own time, on their own terms. • A well-executed B2B ecommerce offering is utterly customer-focused, and as […]

Part two of our guide to jargon busting in B2B ecommerce This text is bold. Manual payment systems. Enables sellers to accept manual forms of payment such Cash on Delivery (COD). Merchandising optimisation. Organising and grouping together products in a logical, category-by-category order. Meta description. Code that describes a website page to search engines. Mobile […]

Sometimes it’s useful to communicate in jargon – it certainly keeps things shorter. And when you work in the same industry or environment as someone, it can be a clear and concise way of being understood. But what about those times when you really cannot recall what on earth the jargon means? Here’s our handy […]

B2B Online… why would you even consider it? Your business is going well, you’ve increased turnover modestly year on year, and you’re managing quite nicely with a routine that includes some or all of the following: • Printed catalogues, • Direct mail promotions – leaflets, flyers, postcards • Eshots and emails with seasonal offers • […]

The side effects of excellence in B2B ecommerce. If you’ve read this blog for even a few articles, you’ll already know all the benefits of a great ecommerce site. Things like: The standard benefits include: . Cost reductions. An integrated ecommerce site can reduce your costs dramatically. Customers can self-serve, so your sales people aren’t […]

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