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You’ve got yourself a shiny new B2B ecommerce site?  It’s integrated with your accounts package so that you are now saving money and saving time.   But that’s just half of the picture.  Because you probably already know that by implementing the tools and options your site has come with, you can now use it to […]

In an increasingly digital world where b2b companies are rapidly embracing ecommerce and moving their sales operations online, reputation management has become a significant challenge – and one that many organisations are failing to address adequately.   These days, when everyone with a smartphone is a potential reporter, stories and reviews about your products and […]

Why B2B businesses absolutely, definitely MUST embrace responsive sites.  Or die. But don’t just trust us.   Have some facts:   The jury has spoken: Mobile use has overtaken static use. OfCom’s 2015 Communication Market Report stated that Smartphones overtook laptops as UK internet users’ number one device. And goes on to say “We spend twice […]

“Market leading” is such a useful term when appended to a company name. It’s an almost indefinable word.  Leading can cover just about anything. Yours could be a leading business in terms of price, leaders in technology, in innovation. However, one key way to know that you’re a market leader is based on the way […]

While retailers have been quick to capitalise on the growth of online sales, b2b distributors have been much more cautious about embracing the benefits of ecommerce. In fact, Modern Distribution Management’s 2015 State of Ecommerce Study, says that only 4.3% of distributors accrue more than 40% of their revenues from trading online. For the majority, […]

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