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We’ve talked at length in many of previous our blog pieces about the benefits of moving business online and switching to a b2b ecommerce sales model. But how do you accurately measure the positive impact of changing the way you work? There are of course a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be […]

No, we haven’t turned into your fairy godmother… however one of the gifts of a fully integrated B2B ecommerce website, is you gain time.  And, based on our clients’ experiences, here are the effects: Inbound sales “Suddenly the busy inbound sales team, working overtime and every other weekend, had time to stop, look around and […]

Mid June, temperatures soaring, and nothing could be further from most people’s minds than Christmas.   But for everyone who is running a B2B business, we know that right now, amidst midsummer BBQs, is the time to start planning. Promote Christmas to your retail customers Get in there early and let your retailers know what you’ll […]

Everyone knows technology is the most jargon-intensive industry going, so it should be no surprise that we’ve hit the magic number of 3,000 acronyms.  And just as we think there’s nowhere else to go, along comes yet another piece of jargon: The OmniChannel Yes, it’s been around for a few years, but right now it […]

Analyse your sales data and chances are you’ll find that the times your customers place orders are directly linked to the times your reps pay them a call, especially if your main channel is field sales. Even if customers have the ability to order on the phone or by email, there are likely to be […]

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