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Despite the occasional Google-bashing by the media, in the final analysis, people LOVE using Google tools. Since its birth in 1995, and the first web-crawler being let loose in 1996, Google has now become a noun, a verb, an essential business tool, and an intrinsic part of the Internet. So don’t just embrace it, tool […]

I want to share a conversation I had with a company a few weeks ago.  I had been invited to meet them by their sales director, and I found myself in a large airy board room, meeting the MD and company accountant across a glass table. The sales director was seated next to me. The […]

If you’re considering moving to b2b ecommerce or upgrading an existing system, try to think of it in terms of designing a business application, rather than simply creating an online store. Customers will be using your ecommerce site in the course of doing a job, buying products on behalf of their company. Their purchasing decisions […]

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