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There’s something about courses that I love.  Usually I come away with a gem of an idea.  And sometimes it’s just the chance to take an external perspective to my business.  “Working on my business, not in it”. But occasionally there’s a tool that I just have to share.  This is one of those moments.  […]

The growth of new digital devices and emerging social networks means that a company’s ability to reach and connect with their market must become ever more complex. Consumers are self-selecting into the social networks that best suit their needs.  They are making their decisions on devices that vary from hand-held to wall-mounted and they are […]

A new report from research company, Forrester, highlights some key trends in the b2b ecommerce market for mid-size companies. Forrester surveyed 75 global b2b ecommerce decision-makers in the study, who were employed by businesses with a turnover of between £20m and £400m. One of the main take-outs from the report is that 62% of companies […]

While there’s nothing new in using social media platforms like LinkedIn to promote your b2b ecommerce business and drive traffic to your site, Twitter is still a bit of an enigma for many companies. Yet it is a powerful and flexible marketing tool that can be used in multiple ways to support a range of […]

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