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Surprisingly few companies will actively profile their competitors, and yet it’s a vital and easy step in order to better understand the sales landscape, get new ideas, innovate and make important changes. Consider, for one moment, that you are a competitive swimmer about to train for the Olympics.  Wouldn’t you want to know who you […]

In a survey by B2B International, it was shown that only 14% of B2B companies claim that their business is truly customer-centric!   That’s an enormous 86% who are not putting their customer right at the heart of their business. Added to this, only 25% of businesses say that their company makes life easier for their […]

Remember the heady days of the three dimensional web experience.? The platform, the quality of the offer, the medium by which it is viewed (mobile/tablet, etc)? Now there is the fourth dimension.  The time-span of your viewers.  And as our human attention span is now less than a goldfish (<8 seconds) the micro-moment is a […]

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