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Have Clear Values If Credibility was a triangle, then values would be the bottom layer. As a business it may not always be obvious what your values are, or even that you actually have specific values . However, values are essential.  They make you stand out from the crowd and put clear blue water between […]

Next up from Values in the Credibility pyramid, is integrity. Perhaps a little easier to identify than values, but Integrity can form part of your values:  Integrity means you are known for doing the right things for the right reasons. To keep your integrity, consider every promise or offer that your organisation makes.  Never make […]

Expertise: The more specialised your company is, the greater expertise it will be assumed to have.  It’s an easy one to demonstrate.  If you need a very specific technical item, where are you most likely to search?  A general wholesaler? Or a company that specialises in this particular product/brand? It may not be possible to […]

Be Transparent When you’ve got your values, your authenticity and your expertise sorted, then transparency is the easy option. People will trust what they experience.  Being open and honest will come naturally as there is nothing to hide.  And as you are more open and transparent about your values, then people don’t even have to […]

Today’s b2b sellers face a number of key challenges around optimising business performance. In a marketplace where many are struggling to maintain share, companies must continually build sales and turnover in order to fuel growth. Increasingly, the ability to meet customer expectations by delivering an excellent buying experience is becoming the major differentiator in retaining […]

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