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Selling in the b2b ecommerce market is very different to retail b2c selling, so we’ve drawn on our b2b experience to put together a few tips to help you boost sales. Compared to most consumer gear, b2b products tend to be more complex and technical, which means that sellers have to be very precise about […]

Successful b2b ecommerce is not just about the great design or smart technology that goes into your website. It’s also down to how well you market your site and ensuring that your customers actually use it. In b2b, businesses can often be resistant to changes in the way they work, so given the advantages of […]

Building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers and trading partners is high on the strategic agenda for most companies selling in b2b markets. It’s a priority that’s embedded into practices across the business, and especially in ecommerce processes where capabilities have now moved beyond automated ordering systems to encompass the management of more complex, higher value […]

What are bounce rates? A bounce is classified as a moment when someone visits your website and immediately closes it or moves to another site.  Think about it as a wrong number on a phone call. A bounce rate is simply the number of bounces your website gets in a period of time. Why do […]

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