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Today’s business-to-business eCommerce platforms offer manufacturers and wholesalers a unique chance to provide their customers with a simple, seamless user experience, as well as the flexibility to meet continually changing market demands. With analysts reporting that nearly three quarters of B2B buyers now say that buying from a website is more convenient than purchasing from […]

Traditionally, sales reps have been at the heart of almost every B2B company. Many of these businesses are reluctant to implement eCommerce for fear of alienating and compromising the work of sales people, whose performance is recognised as key to success. On paper, it’s easy enough to incentivise reps with commission for their role in […]

Business-to-business eCommerce platforms have to offer much more than just automated ordering. As well as facilitating transactions and making it as easy as possible for buyers to complete low ticket, often repetitive purchases, eCommerce solutions must also promote the development of buyer / seller relationships. Such relationships are vital to supporting more complex, higher value […]

When it comes to the commercial buyer – what differentiates one product from another?  In other words, what is going to sway the commercial buyer to BUY FROM YOU, not the competition? Sorry to say this – but your business – it isn’t unique.   Every business believes they offer a great range of quality […]

 As part of a natural evolution, millennials are increasingly occupying decision-making positions in B2B procurement departments. With recent research indicating that around 70% of millennials prefer to do their personal shopping online rather than in the high street, this new breed of corporate buyer brings a different set of values, preferences and customer experience expectations to […]

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