Is your business customer-centric?

Posted by Uncategorised • September 24th, 2016

In a survey by B2B International, it was shown that only 14% of B2B companies claim that their business is truly customer-centric!   That’s an enormous 86% who are not putting their customer right at the heart of their business.

Added to this, only 25% of businesses say that their company makes life easier for their customers.  That they anticipate customers’ needs and desires and that they strive to resolve issues before the customer feels pain.

Well we were shocked!  In the Aspidistra hall of customer fame, we are delighted to say that we firmly believe that the vast majority of our clients are highly customer-centric, and that an extremely high level of them work to make life easier for customers.   And here’s why:

The Aspidistra solution is all about the customer.  Certainly it will help your business sell more, but that’s because we ensure that your customers can access the information they need, place orders at a time that is convenient to them, and have enough flexibility around the order placement that they are confident it will be fulfilled exactly to their specifications.

The Aspidistra solution builds in such flexibility as white label ordering, credit/account checks, and downloading PDF copy invoices.  We integrate the website with your accounts system, so you have full business control.

When it comes to finding the information customers need, our system provides access to product detail and facts.  Our links to the accounts systems will allow views to past-orders, prices, and account information.  We advise our clients on ways to support their own customers, and we offer a full SEO service.

And finally, we believe that our customers become even more customer-centric themselves once they have the system in place.  This is because sales people can now work on building relationships rather than sell-sell-selling.

Customer-centricity matters.  We all know that, and we are delighted to say that rather than ecommerce taking the customer-support away, it adds to the experience exponentially.

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