business man looking at perspectives

B2B e-commerce – why we need to look at this from a different angle.

Posted by Uncategorised • March 28th, 2016

I invite you to take a step outside your office.  Metaphorically.  And to step into your customers’ shoes.  What are they experiencing when they engage with your business?

Are you making it easy for your customers?

Does your customer enjoy a smooth and seamless interaction with your online store?  Where nothing impedes their flow… where they can simply transition from researching and browsing, to building a shopping list, to placing an order, setting up delivery schedules and knowing it will all be paid for on account?  And can they check their account status too – and easily make payments if required?

business man looking at perspectivesDo they then receive an immediate confirmation email, further settling their mind that they ordered the right items from the right company? Or download a copy invoice PDF for ease of filing? Are they able to switch on their computer when they want to – be it 6pm, or 3am, and know they can log into their account and check on the minutiae of the order, the quantities, the delivery or whatever is bugging them at that hour?
Or is it difficult?
Is dealing with your organisation from the customers’ perspective, a bumbling, stumbling affair?   Is it fraught with uncertainty, effort and hassle?  Do they have to stop what they are doing on your website and pick up the phone to request a copy invoice be emailed to them?   Are they relentlessly interrupted by poor technology, or processes?  Do they have to endure sleepless nights stressing whether the order has been placed correctly, waiting until your office opens in the morning to check on a detail?

Are they held back from ordering because you can only deal with them from 9-5, Mon-Fri?  Are they choosing to go to your competitors – where it’s easy and customer focused 24/7/365?


Back to being yourself

That brief out-of-body experience should tell you all you need to know about B2B ecommerce.   The bottom line is – if you’re not serving your customers, they will be finding someone else who will.

Wherever you are on your B2B ecommerce integration journey, we invite you to take a few steps in your customers’ shoes… and discover which direction they are walking – towards your business, or your competitors.