Cross Sell

Posted by Marketing, Uncategorised • January 13th, 2016

‘You may also like’; cross sell allows you to push other products on your product pages. So if someone is buying shoes you can offer socks, polish, shoe horns etc. You define the cross sell. We do not provide automatic ‘Customers who bought this also bought’ because the mathematics and volume of data required only really work on enormous sites and even then the results can be truly weird. If you want ‘Customer who bought this also bought’ just use cross sell and call it ‘Customer who bought this also bought’; that way you can push things you want to sell.

We can also display cross sell in the shopping cart drawn from a selection of cross sell configured on the product in the cart.

We provide a second cross sell called ‘Quantity Cross Sell’ for use when the purchase of 200 tile requires 1 tub of adhesive. This is not enabled by default.

Quantity Cross sell is also used to deliver bespoke features where you need to offer a complicated option on some products.