Low Profile Payment

Posted by Uncategorised • June 30th, 2014

SagePay Version 3 gives us the facility to use ‘Low Profile Payment Pages’. These are embedded in an IFrame in the checkout so you appear never leave the site when you enter your Credit Card details. In reality you do and the transaction is just as secure as going to SagePay’s normal payment pages. The great thing is that you can upload a template to ensure these pages exactly match the rest of your site. However, you need to convince your customers the site is secure. When you go to the normal SagePay pages you get the comforting Padlock and green address bar; with Low Profile even though it is just as secure the customer sees the status of the surrounding page on your site. So unless you secure it there is not padlock and this might put off a customer. We can supply you with the certificate to put back the padlock and if you want the green we can supply an EV certificate instead.

Low profile works brilliantly with tokens and on mobile so if you implement this as described in our earlier article you get a fantastic ordering experience (I don’t think I can describe like this Wikipedia Article without infringing on something