Mobile marketing will reach equal consideration with the desktop in B2B

Posted by Uncategorised • May 5th, 2015

“Mobile marketing will reach equal consideration with the desktop in B2B”1

More and business people are reading email and viewing social media on the mobile devices and if their interest in your B2B offering is piqued by something they read they will click through. How many of you when in a discussion about something will now reach for a mobile and ‘Google’ for information. In each case if you reach a ‘Desktop’ site you cannot browse easily then you are unlikely to enquire further. Furthermore you may now not even be found following Google’s announcement on Mobile search.

It is therefore important that companies consider their mobile strategy for B2B Ecommerce. If the prime aim is to attract interest, inform or compete then ‘responsive design’ is a good option showing the salient points of your offering in a mobile friendly form. If the aim is to transact sales then an optimized mobile version may be more appropriate so that user can rapidly find and purchase products.

We have delivered both types of solution with the mobile version being particularly popular with companies selling spare parts. In these cases fitters and repair men on the road can quickly find and order parts and make a second appointment to return and fit them allowing our customers a significant advantage over their competitors.

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