Sage 200 2015 – What’s New?

Posted by Uncategorised • November 5th, 2015

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Sage 200 2015 is one of the most influential releases of the Sage 200 package in many years. The system now hosts a range of new modules and features. Sage has brought back features that existed in previous iterations, newly re-structured for even better performance.
From our perspective at Aspidistra, our Sage integration is as fast and smooth as ever. Our Shopfront package seamlessly pulls through all the data you want, so that your customers get an excellent B2B shopping experience regardless of the Sage platform.
Now things have settled a little, it’s easier to take a good look round at how people are using Sage 200 2015’s new features, and identify which feature or benefit has helped them the most. So, come on. Tell us what you like about the changes

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