Posted by Navigation, Uncategorised • January 24th, 2016

We have designed our search algorithm around our customer base. 80% of our customers are B2B or a combination of B2B & B2C so searching by product code is important for regular customers (or agents) looking for known stock-codes. So Stock Code and Manufacturer’s (Supplier’s) Part Number are prioritised.

Many of our customers use the Custom String fields to hold other stock codes such as obsolete codes or competitor codes. The search can be configured to include these fields in the same search mechanism for Stock Code and Manufacturers Part Number.

We also search all of the text you have entered using a ‘Full Text’ search engine supplied by Microsoft. If this does not return results we carry out a Combination Search. Here all combinations of the search string are passed to the Full text Search (starting with combinations of all but one search term, reducing down to single terms). So for ‘Big Red Bus’ we try ‘Big Red’, then ‘Big Bus’, then ‘Red Bus’ then ‘Big’ etc. This search is performed on the product name and then the text until results are found. The number of results that stops further searching is configurable (default 15)