Side effects of excellence in B2B ecommerce

Posted by Uncategorised • October 5th, 2015

The side effects of excellence in B2B ecommerce.

If you’ve read this blog for even a few articles, you’ll already know all the benefits of a great ecommerce site. Things like:

The standard benefits include: .

Cost reductions.

An integrated ecommerce site can reduce your costs dramatically. Customers can self-serve, so your sales people aren’t tied up with finding a copy invoice, or working all hours to satisfy customers that “only order after 6pm”


When customers can self-administer, you’re saving time and frustration in your inbound teams. Leaving them to work on pro-active sales with a smile.

Increased Loyalty .

Because customers want an integrated site. Even your B2B customers who have bought from you for years – the statistics show, more and more B2B buyers are wanting the “B2C experience when it comes to online purchasing”.

Increased numbers of customers. .

One of our customers got 15% more new customers when they switched to an integrated B2B ecommerce site. This isn’t unusual.

Increased spend.

When a customer can see all the options, the chances are they will buy more. Smart shopping baskets, repeat orders set up, and the luxury of browsing, often result in higher sales per purchase. Not to mention the 24/7, 365 availability.

Sales people that sell by personality not just by catalogue. .

There’s nothing more off-putting than trying to build a relationship through products alone. By separating out the sales from relationship-building, the results can lead to far greater loyalty and sales.

So what about the side effects?.

The above are already well-documented. Based on what we already know. No about those side-effects, the hidden benefits.

Things are “right”.
– Because your customers are inputting their own data, and nobody is having to rely on spelling out names, addresses, other data over the phone, the onus of getting the order “right” is all on the side of your customer. Not only does this lead to fewer errors when things are mis-heard, but you also reduce costs (re-sending inventory, etc) and cut right down on complaints. It’s a serious cost-saving.

Opportunities to introduce and test new products..
– You can test new markets and new products by introducing them online. It’s cheaper and easier than introducing them offline, and with a smart shopping cart, you can even identify those customers more likely to be interested.

Get more creative..
– Adding options like video, imagery, SEO and different categories. You can start to get really creative when it comes to tracking buyer behaviour – and building on sales. Opportunities to build on your current product range, and your current customer focus. Expansion, excitement and results.

NOTE: The majority of these benefits are only available through a truly integrated ecommerce site..
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