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As a convenience to customers and to ensure you have a valid delivery address you can add Postcode Anywhere to […]

In many situations regular customers may have the stock codes of the goods they require from printed catalogues you have […]

SagePay is the default payment provider used by Shopfront. It accepts Visa, Mastercard and optionally American Express. We will assist […]

SagePay has Paypal as one of its payment options. If you want to use PayPal then it simply needs to […]

When the customer places the order we create a Sales Order in your Sage or Pegasus accounts system and for […]

By default Shopfront will place the order using the nominal codes on the products that are synchronised with the Sage […]

Once a customer is logged in the cart is continuously saved so if he logs out or leaves the computer […]

Most courier companies provide online tracking for parcels. We can provide automatic links to this tracking for many of these […]

While SagePay is the default payment provider and it is included in the price other payment providers can be configured. […]


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