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What’s the difference between your solution and others?
Aspidistra’s solution for B2B ecommerce is Shopfront, a completely unique and individual piece of software developed from the ground up to be B2B, exclusively by Aspidistra Software Ltd. Orders flow seamlessly into Sage or Pegasus Opera with no need for extensive back office teams manually entering orders. Shopfront is not just about order processing, from a customer perspective, Shopfront allows customers to manage their accounts, download invoices and view ‘live’ stock levels at their specific pricing.

How does it work?
Shopfront works through a deep and sophisticated integration with Sage or Pegasus Opera. This integration allows for data such as, price lists, discount structures and stock levels in Sage or Opera to be ‘pulled’ and used in your online store. Providing your customers with a seamless and efficient experience.

Why is B2B ecommerce different from B2C?
B2B Ecommerce differs from B2C in a few key areas.

Purchasing: B2B purchasing is done due to a business need, whereas a B2C purchases are done on an emotional desire.
Marketing and layout: B2C Ecommerce will have a lot of features to attract customers in a very crowded market. B2B Ecommerce will still need to attract new customers, but the layout should be simple and clear for quick and easy ordering.
Order size and rate of use: B2C customers may only ever use your site once a year to purchase 1 or 2 items. B2B customers may be using your site 2-3 times a week to purchase orders consisting of hundreds or thousands of items.
Method of payment: B2B Ecommerce customers will typically have accounts open to purchase on credit. Whereas, B2C customers will almost exclusively purchase on credit or debit card payments.

What about security?
At Aspidistra security is taken very seriously, we have just reviewed our security practices and are in the process of implementing new security measures. The hosting of your Ecommerce platform is done at a Tier 1 Data Centre in London, one of the most secure data centres in the country.

How much does it cost and what is the average time for ROI?
The cost is specific to each customer and dependent on the accounting system, the size of integration, and any form of bespoke work which may have to be done. ROI therefore, is dependent on the cost of the project.

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