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Pegasus Opera ecommerce integration services with Aspidistra Software Ltd

Pegasus Software has over 30 years experience in creating award-winning software for accounting, business and payroll, delivering over 20,000 systems in the UK.

Now, for the first time ever, the market-leading B2B ecommerce expertise of Aspidistra is available for Pegasus Opera customers. Pegasus Opera Accounting Systems can now be seamlessly integrated in real time. This means your company can be open for business 24/7, 365, with a purpose-built B2B ecommerce website.

By integrating your Pegaus Opera accounting system with Aspidistra, your customers can not only order at any time of day or night, but they can access essential details like copy invoices, account balances, order statuses and much, much more.

A few FAQ’s

Q: What is the difference between “integrated” and a straightforward B2B ecommerce website?
A: Anyone can set up a ecommerce website “shop”. There are plenty of packages out there from Magento to Shopify, and of course numerous WordPress plugins. They will all do a job for you.

The difference with integration comes when you consider your business efficiency. With one of the off-the-shelf packages, you are still going to need extensive back office teams. Orders may be placed by customers on your website, but then your team needs to key this order into your back-office system, into your Pegasus accounting package and your stock system. With re-keying comes errors, time and cost issues.

Integration doesn’t stop at order processing

Once you’ve given your customers 24/7 ordering power, that’s not the end of the story – it’s just the start of the vast wealth of customer service and cost-efficiency you can unlock for your business.

Here are few ideas of what you can expect from an Aspidistra Pegasus Opera ecommerce integrated website:

  • Customers can download their own copy invoices. No more phone calls, chasing accounts, scanning, emailing… they can self-serve.
  • Customers can check their delivery details, amend then as they need to. No more phone calls chasing “where’s my order?” or “you’ve got the wrong address!”… customers are totally responsible for inputting all their delivery details and information
  • Customers can offer more flexibility to their customers. With white-label ordering and direct-to-customer delivery options.
  • Customer can check YOUR stock. In real time, customers can identify whether you have enough stock to fulfil their order, and place back-orders
  • The days of 9 to 5 customer service team can return, but orders can still be placed 24/7, 365.
  • It’s all “real time”. This is important, because in business everything can change very quickly. It only takes a few orders against the same stock to create a frustrating situation for customers and an embarrassing situation for your sales team.
  • Customers can check their account balance, check their own personalised trade deals and pay off any outstanding amounts (so it’s great for credit control too!)
  • Your customer service team and sales team can focus on building relationships and actively selling, whilst your website fulfils orders
  • Personalised requirements. Aspidistra works with your business to ensure that our solution meets your needs. Because the Pegasus integration and B2B ecommerce website is built from the ground up, there is greater flexibility and opportunities to bolt in more cost-saving, efficiency-creating solutions.
… which all adds up to :
More sales
Lower costs
Greater efficiency
Time savings
More flexibility – customer-focused approach
Better customer service

What our clients say

Why should I start selling online?

increase sales

We are specialists in creating B2B ecommerce websites for manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies. Our leading software solution integrates seamlessly with your Sage accounting system.

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improve margins

With our B2B ecommerce solutions, customers can view all the products, stock and account-specific pricing information they need to order online.

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reduce costs

Our feature-rich package is designed with your customers in mind, giving them an exceptional customer service experience.

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