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We've got everything you need to get this one right. Some of our must-have Shopfront SEO features for your ecommerce website

Title Tags

Title tags (meta titles) drive what appears as the ‘blue’ title given in search engines after a search term has been added into a browser. Shopfront, our integrated ecommerce platform, creates product related title tags for each web page if this field is left empty but you can override these automatic title tags to achieve specific SEO goals.


It is not clear how relevant the keyword boxes found in CMS are to SEO today after years of abuse by operators trying to attract traffic using keyword stuffing and keywords unrelated to their site. Nevertheless, Shopfront provides the facility to create a keyword list for every department and product. It could be argued that filling in the keyword box will help other people using your website’s CMS, who edit products, to stick to the relevant keywords when writing content for that page/product.

Short Description

The short description in Shopfront is ‘meta’ information that is not visible when the page is rendered but is used by search engines. If you use short descriptions, then these are what will appear in the search engine results page if it is relevant to the search. If they are not present, the search engines tend to use the first few lines of text from the page. Therefore, if your page lacks any content it gives the search engines very little to work with and crawl, thus affecting how you rank in the search engines for that page. The advantage of short descriptions is that they can be tailored to give a strong call to action and for targeting specific keywords. Shopfront provides the facility to create short descriptions for every department and product.


Shopfront creates URL’s that do not contain incomprehensible strings such as “http://www.acme-stores/product.aspx?id=3242343”. Instead they are formatted to show understandable names to help with site navigation and Search Engine Optimisation – “http://www.acme-stores/Clothing/Mens/Trousers/Pleated+Chino”. Shopfront is also designed to allow users to create and amend URLs, however, we would recommend that once a URL is set it is advisable to stay untouched to prevent the chances of broken links and it will be temporarily detrimental to your website’s SEO. All products within an amended category URL will also have changed URLs. However, Shopfront is designed to automatically change internal links to the new URL, which helps to prevent internal broken links.


H1 tags are the main title on a page for a category or product, which is often the largest text that stands out on the page. Shopfront creates product related H1 tags but you can override these to achieve specific SEO goals. You can also add H2 tags if your page needs multiple header titles.

Image Alt Tags

Search engine algorithms cannot read images but they can read the ‘Alt Tags’ provided to describe the image. Shopfront provides facilities for tailored alt tags on all images to be set so they can be different from image names.

Google Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where the web pages of a website that tell search engines about the structure of a website’s content. Sitemaps help search engine bots to crawl your website better and more intelligently. A sitemap will be beneficial if your website is: Really large – it prevents pages from being overlooked, especially recently added or newly edited pages. Have pages that aren’t extensively linked to internally. Your website is very new with very few external links pointing to it. Google accepts a special computer readable site map to assist in indexing your site. Shopfront provides an automated site map in the correct format for search engines to crawl.

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