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Here at Aspidistra we are experts in creating B2B ecommerce websites and now we offer an SEO service to help our B2B and B2C customers to rank highly in the search engines for their target keywords.

We understand the differences in B2B SEO to B2C SEO and the buying process for B2B purchasers. B2B businesses research products before they purchase, therefore, being found is merely the beginning of the process and often these purchases are driven by risk (the less perceived risk the increased likelihood of a conversion). With this in mind it is imperative for any B2B ecommerce websites to convey the message that they are credible to instil confidence in the purchaser. The easiest and quickest way to create a good first impression is to clearly articulate information about your products and company.

With that in mind we help our client’s with the following:

  • Ensure all our clients have optimised products and pages to ensure they are found in search engines, with optimised titles, descriptions, copy and images.
  • Provide advice and suggestions for the best website copy for better conversion rates, especially on pages lacking information,
  • We source high quality external links to your website, and
  • We offer website tracking so we can monitor your website’s interactions.

How are Aspidistra’s SEO services different?

We don’t shroud our SEO with any clever wording or use any scare tactics or SEO tricks, we purely do it well and work hard to get our clients to the top of search engines organically and naturally. Although this method can take longer for websites to move up in position, your website will ultimately remain at the top of the search engines because it would have gotten there very naturally and will weather any search engine algorithm updates.

All our SEO is in-house at Aspidistra, so you will have one point of contact at Aspidistra that you can trust and call for SEO advice and training.

Because our SEO techniques are very natural, by choosing us you will not be compromising your website’s look and feel – we will not bombard your website with unnecessary content just to add an extra keyword. However, if your website has no word content we would highly recommend that you include product descriptions, this gives search engines content to crawl plus you will be providing potential customers with good quality information. In fact, product descriptions are one of the most important things to include in your website.

If you are an Aspidistra client and are interested in our SEO services please get in touch to arrange your free basic SEO audit – this is nothing fancy, it contains the bare facts so you can decide whether our SEO services are right for your business.

Why should I start selling online?

increase sales

We are specialists in creating B2B ecommerce websites for manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies. Our leading software solution integrates seamlessly with your Sage accounting system.

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improve margins

With our B2B ecommerce solutions, customers can view all the products, stock and account-specific pricing information they need to order online.

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reduce costs

Our feature-rich package is designed with your customers in mind, giving them an exceptional customer service experience.

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