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If you have a busy business then the stock position can be quite dynamic. It is important to build trust and gain repeat business that what you say about stock you can back up with action. Of course this doesn’t mean that the goods actually have to be on your shelf but if you give the impression something is in stock the customer will expect a speedy delivery. Shopfront makes real time calls to the Sage system to ascertain the stock position but also uses a number of techniques to ensure this does not affect page load times.

As we are caching the stock value it is important we do not make a sale based on an out of date stock position. As the user reaches their final checkout step, the Sage stock database is queried one final time to get the exact stock position. If there is insufficient stock to fulfil the […]

If we had to get 40 or 50 stock positions from your office every time we rendered a single page the website would run very slowly. So we use a cascade of memory and database caches to keep the stock position. By default the cache value expires every 4 hours and the value is also […]

You may have items that you can quickly obtain for your customer when you are out of stock or they may be items that you never stock. In this case you can mark the item as ‘Back Order’. This will cause the site to show that product as ‘In Stock’ or show a more accurate […]

Shopfront supports the Sage system Bill of Materials (BOM). When a stock query is made for a BOM item the stock of the made up item is checked first and then the BOM is used to check how much can be made up from stock. BOMs should be used when this is actually the way […]

The way you display stock on the web site is an important factor in your relationship with your customers. You may want to show ‘out of stock’ messages to prevent disappointment when orders cannot be fulfilled in a timely manner. Likewise you may wish to show ‘low stock’ messages to encourage purchasing of attractive items. […]

If you run an accurate purchase order system and you keep expected delivery dates up to date then when an item is out of stock a due in date can be displayed. This date can by ‘slugged’ by a fixed number of days to allow for late delivery, unpacking and other factors which make the […]

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