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B2B E-commerce

Shopfront is different to other ecommerce systems in two fundamental ways:

It was built from the ground up for b2b ecommerce
It was built to integrate seamlessly with Sage business systems

We’re specialists in b2b Sage ecommerce. Unlike most b2b ecommerce solutions, which are based on modified or extended b2c platforms, our system has software and database structures written specifically for b2b ecommerce. So it’s streamlined, feature rich and fit for purpose.

Our integration to Sage is deep and complex, not just a simple data exchange. We can vary the nominal codes we post to, allocate payments to invoices paid by credit cards and calculate stock positions from multiple warehouses. All this is executed in real-time because the website continually communicates with Sage as your customers browse the site.

Why should I start selling online?

increase sales

We are specialists in creating B2B ecommerce websites for manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies. Our leading software solution integrates seamlessly with your Sage accounting system.

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improve margins

With our B2B ecommerce solutions, customers can view all the products, stock and account-specific pricing information they need to order online.

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reduce costs

Our feature-rich package is designed with your customers in mind, giving them an exceptional customer service experience.

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